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How did we contribute to make Chronos Development one of the most famous developer in Great Poland? Have a look! Also - visit chronos.poznan.pl.

It all began with passion - to build the best houses as well as the best webistes.

What was the goal? Clear - intuitive - modern - trustworthy

Chronos Development wanted to show their large variety of houses and blocks of flats built by them, located on the suburbs of Poznań/ Poland.

Their target customers are families, that's why their website needed to be colorful, warm and oozing with positive vibes. Customers were to fell comfortable and safe in their houses, so we took on a challenge and made the first step for them. 

Main goal was to create a website which would generate leads successfully and which would work with SEO demands. All in all, Chronos wanted to increase number of vistors in order to gain more clients.

We were asked to create a website which would be friendly and easy to operate both by clients and administrators. And we made it.

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The colors
The fonts
The screens
Responsive Web Design + CTA Find your perfect home anytime and everywhere

We created fully responsive website, which raised Chronos Development's feedback from clients.

You won't believe how many calls were made, e-mails were written and even houses were booked during long stay in traffic jams! 

After an in-depth analysis of traffic sources and costs, as well as the web site’s interface design, usability and design team conceived of a system to simultaneously provide samples of richer content combined with increased CTAs (calls to action). These actions engage visitors to contact Chronos and, all in all, make them become Chronos' customers. Visit chronos.poznan.pl


We suggested to our client, that showing all their work - not only available places - would be much more trustworthy and that it would build attachement between their future clients and their company. 

Gallery is a perfect place to show off - and we made it happen for Chronos.

Availability shown Showing availability of houses to buy - isn't it simple and accurate?
One of the biggest challenge for us was to put many various sections into one snappy project. But eventually, we made it successfully both for Chronos and for their customers.
Kamil Arcisz, Project Manager, Iguana Studio
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